Personal Protection Officer (Body Guard)

Available for any public or private event and/or just personal protection, our staff is made up of experienced professionals that can provide a variety of protection to Executives, Celebrities, and Dignitaries.  The Personal Protection Officer is a plain-clothed officer that can legally carry concealed handguns under Texas Law, our officers will dress casual or formal depending on the request of the client.  Texas One Security Services can provide one officer to a full detail depending on your needs.  

Event / V.I.P. Medical Services

We can provide you with high quality medical professionals.  Emergency Medical Technicians and first aid teams can be at your next event or provide  your V.I.P. with on the spot, immediate medical attention.

Off Duty Police Officers

Texas One Security Services is managed by current duty law enforcement.  This experience allows for an understanding of private security needs along with the ability to properly coordinate off duty police officers in high risk environments.

Film Location Security

Our office has experience providing security during the filming of high-profile films and television programs.  We can control access to the filming location, protect equipment, and provide personal protection to those whose notoriety brings safety and privacy concerns.

Uniformed Security Officers

Armed and unarmed guards serve as a significant deterrent to those with the intent to disrupt business activities or damage property.  We provide a safe and comfortable environment for your employees, clients, and customers.


Our team includes a wide variety of security experts from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as private security specialists.  We can provide our clients with experts in physical security that are knowledgeable in access control systems, security cameras, and gun shot detection systems.  We can also help you create a business continuity plan and emergency response plan. A business continuity plan is essential if your business plans to stay operational during all types of emergencies.  What exactly you plan on doing when a disaster strikes needs to be determined today, and we can help.  Our team of experts can analyze your event or property and provide you with a proper threat assessment.  By identifying critical assets and conducting threat and vulnerability assessments, we can help plan risk mitigation strategies.  Our office will evaluate your property or event with an eye toward reducing liability exposure.  Our threat assessments consist of a detailed report including foreseeable crime on property and effective solutions.

Conferences, Conventions, and Trade Shows


We can provide you with guards that have a professional appearance and attitude.  Vendors spend a lot of money on their booths and are extremely protective of them.  We understand this, and will position guards in strategic locations where they can best identify unwanted individuals and keep a constant eye on your vendors' property.


Professional, customer service oriented individuals are placed at entry points to ensure only registered attendees and venders can attend your event.

A security consulting and guard company

Texas One Security Services

Disaster Response

During emergencies, law enforcement agencies cannot be counted on to respond to every facility and business that needs assistance.  We can fill the void and deploy security personnel to your location to protect your assets and make it possible to continue business operations.