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Jason Trahan, an expert in event security, graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Sociology.  After realizing the need for educated professionals in the event security field, he decided to continue his education.  Jason holds a Master of Science degree in Sport Management / Event Security from The University of Southern Mississippi, home of the National Association of Spectator Sport Safety and Security (NCS4).  He is also a trained Emergency Medical Technician, certified crowd manager, certified trainer in civilian response to active shooters, and has attended further training given by DHS and FEMA.  He has experience leading security operations at a variety of events.  Some of these include NFL, PGA, NASCAR, Professional Bull Riding, MLB, NCAA Basketball, International Soccer Matches, concerts, conferences, and Festivals.  He spent three years as The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader's security escort and coordinator for their appearances throughout Texas.  Before creating Texas One Security Services with his brother Jeremy, he worked as an operations manager for Live Nation .  Here, he was responsible for the security of performers, staff, and patrons.

Jeremy Trahan has dedicated his life to public service, safety, and security. Throughout his impressive career, Jeremy has demonstrated a unique ability to make decisions under pressure, design and implement large scale safety programs, and lead and manage teams through record breaking crowds. He got his start in the fire service in 1998 as a volunteer firefighter in Galveston County, TX. From there, he quickly moved into a role as an EMT/Firefighter in Cedar Park, Texas where he gained experience in victim rescue, emergency medical services and hazardous materials response. Following this move, he took a position with the number one hospital in the country: Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. It was at Mass General where Jeremy would start to focus on how to prevent and respond to mass casualty incidents. Working alongside Harvard University researchers, hospital personnel, and city and state regulatory agencies, Jeremy helped design training programs that contributed to Boston becoming a leader in public safety and resilience building. The experience in Boston would stick with Jeremy as he transitioned back to fire, but this time he would begin to cross train as a police officer. As the Lead Fire Prevention Inspector in Arlington, Texas, Jeremy was assigned the to the lead inspector for the 2010 World Series supervising overcrowding, egress issues, and life safety inspections. His outstanding work with the World Series landed him on the city wide response team for the 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend. His performance in these two events led to him managing one of the largest sporting events in North America: Super Bowl XLV.  Here he directed life safety by supervising firefighters and inspectors along with the build out of the stadium. His work with the City of Arlington established Jeremy as an expert in strategic planning and operating Mass Gathering events giving him a great fit in the live music capital of the world, (Austin, TX.).  As the industry continues to thrive, Jeremy continues to impact the industry by demonstrates passion and dedication as a certified firefighter, police officer, EMT, hazardous materials technician, fire inspector, arson investigator and a safety and security consultant.  Making sure high profile sporting events, festivals and concerts run efficiently and safely throughout the country. 

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Justin Trahan's career in the security industry has given him one of a kind experience making him a leader in special event security.  Prior to starting with Texas One Security Services, Justin obtained training as a full time employee with the Dallas cowboys' QRT (Quick response Team) where Justin was responsible for responding and mitigating high risk situations while insuring a positive game day experience for all fans. Due to Justin's outstanding work ethic and leadership skills he quickly moved up in the organization becoming a VIP ambassador.  This positions would allow Justin to develop and demonstrate his professional along with interpersonal skills while providing security escorts to celebrities, dignitaries and athletes.  Justin eventually accepted a management position at Southern Methodist University's Moody Coliseum and Ford Stadium where he was directly responsible for the safety of thousands of students and fans.  This is where Justin learned key event management and superior decision making skills.  Justin has managed teams through notable events such as NFL Play-offs, NCAA National championship and ESPN game day.  Today Justin plays a crucial role with Texas One, overseeing the deployment and management of resources and employees at special events throughout the state.  

Justin received employee of the year in 2016 for the development and management of Texas One's QRT.  This branch has successfully deployed tactical security officers to locations within one hour of request.